Tomás Lejarraga


is interested in how individuals and groups explore, process, and integrate symbolic information and experienced information when making decisions.

Lara Ezquerra Guerra

Vice Director

is interested in behavioural and experimental economics, in particular topics such as dishonesty, risk taking, labor markets, and environmental interventions.

Thomas K.A. Woiczyk


studies how individuals form judgments about categories such as social groups and how those in turn affect decision making.

Abel Lucena

is interested in belief elicitation and the relationship between creativity and incentives.

Pau Balart

is interested in applied microeconomics, in particular economics of education and rent-seeking contests.

Sofía López-Rodríguez

is interested in consumer psychology, mainly in the context of prosocial decisions and sustainable behaviors.

Antoni Rubí Barceló

is interested in analyzing the decisions in games or strategic situations from both a theoretical and an experimental approach.

José María Carretero Gómez

is interested in how practitioners perceive or use analytical aids to help their decision making, mainly in the context of human resource management.

PhD Students

Maryam Azimi

is interested in behavioural and experimental economics. In particular, how attitudes towards risks and losses influence decision making.

Carlos Rey Romero

is interested in decision-making with a specific focus on loss aversion and related cognitive processes.

Visiting Collaborators

Hans Alves
Ruhr-University of Bochum

Dirk U. Wulff
University of Basel

Antoni Mut Piña
University of Barcelona

Sebastian Horn
University of Zurich

Former Members

Francisco Rejón-Guardia

Iñigo Hernández-Arenaz